First Grade Snack - Binter Villarroel, Erin & Bostwick, Kenton Thomas

First Grade Snack

By Binter Villarroel, Erin & Bostwick, Kenton Thomas

  • Release Date: 2015-02-15
  • Genre: Humor


This book originated from a short story written by my niece, Erin Binter Villarroel, in 1994. Several years ago my sister asked me to do some illustrations for a collection of Erin’s school year stories she was putting together. 

I created just a few black and white illustrations for this story back then. Re-reading it I thought it might be worthwhile to expand the illustrations, add color and try my hand at making the story into a short eBook. 

I hope you will find this simple story as entertaining as I do. If not, you can at least say the price was right.