Smart As A Brick Bat - Gary Larrimore

Smart As A Brick Bat

By Gary Larrimore

  • Release Date: 2019-10-19
  • Genre: Humor


A fun look at life adventures and misadventures with a few life lessons thrown in from the prospective of a story teller who grew up in the Deep South with deep roots to rural culture.  You will also notice some of the classic characteristics of ADHD untreated being played out which adds to the craziness of the stories.  These stories may resonate with some people but they are probably just foolishness to most.  My purpose in writing these stories is let my children and grandchildren know that doing stupid stuff is not something that no-one else does and though they have consequences There are lessons to be learned from them.  I would like for anyone who knows me to see good character in me and how I learned to grow in character by finding hidden truths from life’s ups and downs.  I. give credit to God for ordering my steps and my wife for measuring them.