The Sh*t They Should Have Taught You in College - Natallia Nemes

The Sh*t They Should Have Taught You in College

By Natallia Nemes

  • Release Date: 2016-08-27
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 5
From 26 Ratings


College doesn’t teach you jack sh*t about surviving in the real world and dealing with life’s basics, e.g., paying your bills, communicating effectively, discovering your happily ever after, and so on and so forth. After getting my butt kicked during my 20s and surviving the aftermath, I decided to put all this B.S. in a book series so that everyone could learn from my stupid mistakes. Yeehaw!


  • Insightful and Hilarious

    By Mary Stu
    What a breath of fresh air! I was laughing out loud reading about all of her shenanigans but I also learned a lot of valuable tips to not make some of the same mistakes. It’s comforting to know that we all struggle, we all make mistakes, and she gives great advice on how to bounce back from the setbacks. Highly recommend!
  • Need me to be taught

    By Vihar21
    This is amazing and needs to be added in the College curriculum. This is what ALL college kids or kids about to go to college should have to read and know about.
  • Witty, different, hilarious, entertaining.

    By Hehe3454
    This book is fresh and will certainly make you see things in a different way. GREAT material for parties. Been using this “material” and its been a hit! 2 glasses of wine and a few of these quotes and you will be the life of the party.
  • A two hour read that could change your life!!

    By Howlander
    An excellent read! It was genuinely insightful and helpful. Great job!! Your brutal honesty about your past and irreverent use of ‘language’ was in perfect contrast to the nuggets of truth and wisdom that you served up. I really found it a good read. Soon as I finish writing this I am cancelling my cable TV service (something I’ve been meaning to do for ages) as I find cable news can be a real time drain. Some of your life stories were really gut-wrenching — I am sorry you’ve had to deal with so much hardship over the last years. Your story about your relationship with your Father was particularly poignant. Everyone forego an evening’s TV viewing and read this book. Whatever your situatiuon in life - you’ll gain something from it! Plus - did I mention… it’s REALLY funny!
  • Do it

    By Judy Parfait
    This sassy broad has a thing or two to say about a thing or two!
  • Loved this book!

    By Coconutmeg
    I couldn't put this book down! Natallia speaks the truth. This book was a fun read and super funny!
  • Fun, funny and full of solid advice

    By AR Parslow
    An enjoyable read, full of wit and humor. Definitely a good read for anyone about to go out there into the real world!
  • Exceptional, exceptional book. Full of truth. Must read.

    By BrunetteBardot
    Brilliant. Funny. Full of wisdom and wit. This book is honest storytelling for the millennial generation. Natallia does an impeccable job at capturing the reality of growing up and not always having the answers. It's raw, humorous, and socially relevant with an edge and relatable voice that you want to listen to. She brings such perspective to life moments and offers a fully candid analysis of how to deal with the bs. Beautiful, vibrant and sexy illustrations accompany the text. This book engages you on all levels. It should be a required reading in school. Exceptional, exceptional work.
  • Real Girlfriends MAKE Girlfriends READ THIS BOOK !

    By MissCruz 1121
    I can’t rave and rant enough about this book. As a Licensed mariage Family Therapist, this book can serve as the the self support, voice of reason, and spirit of the BIG SISTER you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re in the dumps because of a boy, struggling to find your professional identity, or enduring financial harship, this book has something precious for you. I serve others supporting, coaching, strategizing, and sometimes serving as dumping ground for RELATIONSHIPS, I’m their shrink, I’m neutarl, I get paid to do that. However, that’s NOT what I sign up for with my girlfriends, it’s a delicate boundary to undertand, without risking the freindship itself. This book has been instrumental in maintaining and supporting my girls without risking the relationships. I’ve gifted the book TWICE and my girls are throughly enjoying it as they get their nails done, wait in long lines, sit in traffic, or get their hair done. For women in their 30’s,(or any age really ) who struggle in various areas of life, this book will be a validating and a grounding experience. You will understand you’re not alone. For women that intentionally avoid the company and words of other women, I give you the epic side eye, and feel sorry for you at the same time. Natallia Nemes renders in every page so much love, support,and encouragement to be found in female friendships or close relationships with women. You’re missing out. If you haven’t read this , you’re also missing out!
  • Who needs a laugh???

    By Sarahi84
    I enjoyed reading this book! It’s very entertaining and funny. I laughed and reflected on the stupid things I’ve done in life. I definitely recommend adding this to your reading list.